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Now Tea Party Republicans want to kill women who have a miscarriage.

Dick Head Tea Party Terrorist

The political wing of the Tea Party Terrorists is yet again turning its attention to the right of women to choose. Supposedly against big government, they can not help themselves wanting their bath tub government to expand in to the private lives of individuals.

Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin has proposed a bill that would treat abortion as murder and if a woman miscarries, while not in the presence of a Doctor, she would be investigated for murder at one of her most harrowing times in her life.

A woman would have to prove that if she had taken a sleeping pill or if she had consumed a glass of wine that neither of those things caused her to have the miscarriage. If drinking a glass of wine caused a miscarriage she would face the death penalty.

So a foetus must be saved at all cost, a distraught would have been mother, well her life is worthless.

The reaction of other Tea Party Republicans to this is to attack Franklin, not for the bill itself but for the timing. They agree with him but they want these things left until after the Presidential election.

I wonder why.

More at Mother Jones

  1. Lynda
    March 12, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Republicans are pigs. They are mentally ill.

  2. Carlo Bari
    August 9, 2011 at 12:19 am

    The world is outraged by Republican terrorists holding our financial system hostage.
    Standard and Poors understand Republican terrorists are holding our financial system hostage.
    So where is the outrage from the voting public who are being impacted the most?
    They are stupid and easily lead to slaughter.

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