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While real incomes for ordinary people fell 15%, 1473 of the $1m+ per year earners paid NO US income tax

August 4, 2011 3 comments

Ordinary families have much lower salaries and pay a much greater share of their income as tax for fewer government services.

Average income in 2009 was at its lowest level since 1997 when it was $54,265 in 2009 dollars, just $18 less than in 2009. The data come from annual Statistics of Income tables that were updated Wednesday.

The average tax rate was 11.4 percent, up from 10.5 percent in 2007, the Internal Revenue Service data showed
While the very richest paid nothing.

No income tax was paid by 1,470 of the 235,413 taxpayers earning $1 million or more in 2009, compared with the 959 taxpayers with million-dollar-plus incomes who paid no income taxes in 2007.

Oh Mr Murdoch, what a tangled web we weave as we set out to deceive

July 19, 2011 3 comments

This is not the fall of the British, Australian or US governments. It is something better. It is their final break from the clutches of the Murdoch empire. No longer will Murdoch be able to dictate the agenda of these governments, no longer will he be able to
blackmail or threaten the Leaders of the main political parties in those Countries.

Imagine how Blair would be viewed without the ugliness of the Iraq war.
Imagine if the Murdoch press had no ability to push the Swift-Boaters.
Imagine if Fox had no ability to push the creation of “The Tea Party”, the only protest group in the World campaigning for cuts in government spending.
Imagine a congress free from the threats of the Murdoch press.

Imagine no more.

Being associated with Murdoch is now a poison. His empire may not be bust, News Corp and News International are massively profitable but they are now impotent. This impotence is likely to be the best result for democracy since universal franchise. We may even see the rise of sensible Republicans as a result.

There is one man responsible for the phone hacking scandal in the UK.

July 7, 2011 3 comments

This one man has been able to control the agenda of the political parties of the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. He has been able to create and destroy politicians.

This one man has wiped out the differences between the political parties. His empire has dictated the response of politicians to the created issues of the day for at least the last 30 years.

The closure of the News of the World is not enough.

Now is the time for politicians to say no to this man

Rupert Murdoch is not a fit and proper man to take over BSkyB, not is he a fit and proper man for politicians to fawn over.

The disgrace of his paper hacking the telephone of a murdered child as well as war widows should be enough to end his stranglehold over politicians from both sides of the hemisphere and the pond.

$5,317 – too rich to receive medicaid according to the Governor who spent that on one trip.

June 2, 2011 8 comments

Let them eat dirt

The Republican Governor who spent over $5000 of taxpayers money travelling to see his son play a sports game thinks that level of salary should disqualify you from medicaid.

The man who gave 16,000 of New Jersey’s richest residents a tax cut worth over $1billion a year wants to gut the program provided to 23,000 of the poorest residents in the State.

Christie, who was the keynote speaker at the recent National Republicans $1000 a plate dinner is proposing to slash Medicaid eligibility from the current maximum income of $24,645 to $5,317 a year for a family of three. This from the same Party that fought tooth and nail a plan to extend healthcare to 45 million extra Americans.

Republicans have lauded him with praise and believe that he represents the future of their Party.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie catapulted onto the national stage when he defeated incumbent Governor Jon Corzine after a bitter campaign. As governor, Christie has proven himself a true conservative, taking on big union bosses and working tirelessly to reduce budget deficits in New Jersey without raising taxes. His ability to balance the will of the people with New Jersey politics has turned him into a leader that Republicans across the country support, as he made appearances for many high profile campaigns this past election cycle.

Adults in a family of three that makes as little as $103 a week would earn too much to qualify for health care provided by Medicaid under the plan proposed by Christie. $5,317 is a third of the poverty level. Never mind the uninsured worker employed full time for minimum wage, they wouldn’t qualify, under the Christie plan even a parent working half-time for minimum wage would fail to qualify.

The only other way to qualify would be to go on welfare, creating an impossible poverty trap. If you leave welfare you better find a job with good health coverage, or you are on your own.

Remember this man is the Republican dream candidate. The future of the GOP.

Wow – a penis. Stop the presses and show me the real scandal.

The right wing of America is once again getting their white sheets all in a twist because supposedly Rep. Antony Weiner tweeted a picture of an erect penis hidden by underwear. The story is false and stinks of a Breitbart setup but of course the major news stations are all over it, like a fly to a  shit. Even though Yfrog accounts can be hacked easily.

A picture of an erect penis has got the right all in a twist. A penis. Covered in cloth.

Wow, how scary. How terrifying, it is almost as terrifying as the scary nipple thing that Janet Jackson revealed.

It requires a massive investigation taking up days and days of press coverage.

It requires all the talking heads to go after Rep. Weiner instead of a lunatic judge whose wife is married to a teabagger partisan hack.

The crate-loads of real cash lost in the fields of Iraq could not be investigated, never mind the over trillion dollars lost in blood and revenue.

War crimes could not be investigated.

The Republican agenda for 2010 – so obvious to all but the Press, could not be investigated.

The links of top Republican God botherers to the anti-gay murderers of Uganda could not be investigated.

The scandal of poverty and homelesness in America could not be investigated. Fuck sake, the only Presidential candidate who spoke about the poor and homelesness proved himself to be a dick and now faces prosecution for being a dick. He’s a goner but why did his message have to go?

A penis. Wow. Stop the effin press

Breitbart is a right-wing hack. His 15 minutes of fame vanished with Bible Spice, the Grifter from Alaska. He has no credibility. Stop giving him more importance than a cat stuck up a tree. The cat deserves better press coverage.

Where’s Breitbart now? 9 Top Republicans sentenced to 150 years for vote fraud.

The BRAD BLOG has reported on the Clay County election rigging conspiracy since the nine defendants — seven of them were the county’s top-ranking election officials, the other two a married business couple who made millions in contracts based on the outcome of the stolen elections — were rounded up and arrested in 2009 for what federal officials described as the tail end of “decades” of manipulated elections there.

In addition to buying and selling votes and falsifying election results reports in primary and general elections in 2002, 2004 and 2006, the conspirators were also found to have changed the votes of voters after they were cast on electronic ES&S iVotronic touch-screen voting machines once voters had thought they had finished voting.

Following one of the officials, Republican election judge Paul Bishop, changing his plea to guilty and cooperating with prosecutors shortly after the arrests, the other eight were charged in a federal racketeering conspiracy and found guilty in March of last year. This past March they were all finally sentenced to a total of 1,871 months — 156 years — in federal prison. (We were neck deep in Fukushima coverage at the time of their separate sentencing throughout March and hadn’t gotten the chance to report on it until now.)

Why is Breibart not interested in this?

Could it be that they are not black, actually did commit vote fraud and are Rethugs? Racist POS.

McDonalds fires the man who filmed the assault on transgendered woman

The police report has been released in the case of the womanwho was beaten in McDonald’s, although redacted. And the victim was identified as female in it. The Smoking Gun identifies her as Chrissy Lee Polis The police report says that the fight started as a “verbal argument” in the women’s bathroom, and also says that the older woman who appears later in the video was punched in the face but did not seek medical attention.

The perpetrators were 14 and 18. The 14-year-old will be charged as a juvenile, while charges have not yet been filed against the 18-year-old as the state attorney’s office reviews the case.

The guy who took the video and posted it on YouTube discussed it on Twitter (although his account appears to have been deleted):

charm-twitter-1.jpgOn Facebook (account also deleted), he repeats again that the fight started because the victim was transgender:

fbmessages1.jpgMcDonald’s says that he’s been fired and that “appropriate action” has been taken regarding the other employees:

fired.pngappropriate-action.pngTheir original statement, from yesterday, called the situation “reprehensible.” Today, they say there’s no room for violence in their restaurants:



This is a disgraceful homophobic attack and makes it even worse is this is being used by racists to stir up even more hate. Hate is the issue here. We do not need more hate, bigotry needs to be stamped out and rejected.


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